What is Autolock?

Let's say that you have a client that wants a weekly invoice. Every Monday, you invoice the client for the work done in the last week. After sending the invoice, you don't want any of your team members to be able to make a time entry for the work done in the last week. Autolock will let you lock the timesheet so that no one can add a new time entry or make changes to last week's time entry.

You can configure Autolock to lock the timesheet at the end of the day, end of the week or at the end of the month. If you enable Autolock to lock the timesheet at the "end of the day," then by default, everyone gets 24 hours grace period. This allows some folks to catch up and enter time a bit late.

How to enable Autolock

You can enable Autolock at a project level. It means every project can have a different Autolock setting.

  1. Go to your project in NeetoInvoice.

  2. Click on Action and then Edit .

  3. Scroll down to Autolock setting and check the Autolock checkbox.

  4. Select an option as per your preference.

  5. Click on Save changes .

Making changes to timesheets which are Autolocked

Certain people in your company can be given access to "Override Autolock". If you have access to this feature, you will see an option from the "time tracking" screen as shown below.

Override Autolock

If you want to change the timesheet, you can enable "override autolock," and then you can make changes to the timesheet irrespective of the Autolock setting.

Autolock override report

Autolock override report help you to view and track cases where someone has overridden or modified time entries in the system. This report shows the following information:.

  • For which user the override was performed.

  • The person who performed the override action.

  • The date on which the override was done.

  • Whether the override to create a new time entry or to edit an existing time entry?

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